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VOLTTRON™ Outreach

2015 Technical Meeting on a Software Framework for Transactive Energy

On July 23 and 24, 2015, The Department of Energy Building Technologies Office (BTO) and the Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute (ARI) held the 2nd annual meeting on VOLTTRON™. The purpose of this meeting was to continue the dialogue started last year at Case Western University on a transactive energy software framework known as VOLTTRON™. The meeting provided an overview of the VOLTTRON™ platform, presented new developments and uses, discussed advancement of the Transactional Network concept and built and expanded the user community around this technology.

July 23, 2015

  • Learn more about the meeting details in the meeting book.
  • Keynote Presentation: Building Technologies Office Overview - Roland Risser (PDF 4,027KB)
  • EERE & Buildings to Grid Integration - Joe Hagerman (PDF 4,669KB)
  • Motivation for the Transaction‐Based Reference Platform - George Hernandez (PDF 3,816KB)
  • VOLTTRON™ 0 to 3.0 History - Jeremy Hack (PDF 1,571KB)
  • VOLTTRON™ 3.0 Technical Overview and Features - Brandon Carpenter (PDF 790KB)
  • Scalability Analysis of VOLTTRON™ Platform - Teja Kuruganti (PDF 1,598KB)
  • Building Energy Management Open-Source SoBware (BEMOSS) - Saifur Rahman (PDF 6,693KB)
  • Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, and VOLTTRON™ - Justin Sipe (PDF 721KB)
  • VOLTTRON™ Transactive Control Node: Case Study - Linda Rankin (PDF 1,975KB)
  • Unified HVAC and Refrigeration Control Systems for Small Footprint Supermarkets - Teja Kuruganti (PDF 4,371KB)
  • Automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis for AHU-VAV Systems - Jin Wen (PDF 5,976KB)

July 24, 2015

  • Key Meeting Takeaways from 2014 Meeting at Case Western and Changes Made to VOLTTRON™ in Response - Srinivas Katipamula (PDF 512KB)
  • VOLTTRON™ Primer - Brandon Carpenter (PDF 1,209KB)
  • VOLTTRON™ Enabling Vehicle-to-Building Integration - Rick Pratt (PDF 1,153KB)
  • Transaction-Based Operation of Resource Constrained Systems - Rich Brown (PDF 1,390KB)
  • Energy Efficiency and Grid Services For C Stores & Supermarkets - John Wallace (PDF 1,053KB)
  • Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute - Galen Nelson (PDF 1,097KB)

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